Hello, My name is Matt and I am a trike enthusiast and hobbyist.

My goal is to help keep the Taurus 650 on the trails and out of the scrap yard.


The Taurus 650 is a unique machine and one which was ahead of it's time, manufactured by ODG (Ontario Drive and Gear) and Argo. Using state of the art design, the Taurus 650 delivered power, durability and reliability in and around the yard as well as out on the trails. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 16HP, 656cc opposed twin engine, belt drive and an automatic transmission with HI/LO&REV, it delivered for the performance needs of the utilities it was designed for such as farming, camps and worksites.


The Taurus 650 was designed to deliver more towing power, more job flexibility and overall better performance than the competition at the time of it's production.  


Grab the Bull by the horns!